Artvin, located at the Caucasian border of Turkey, is known for its natural beauties and mild climate. The most beautiful high plateaus in Turkey are in the surroundings of Artvin Province. At the beginning of the summer, people start preparations for migrating to the high plateaus for animal husbandry. "The Migration to the High Plateau" is a traditional custom that happens almost with the atmosphere of a festival. Kafkasor, Bilbilan, Yaylalar, Meseli, Meydancik, Camlik and Yarlik are famous high plateaus of Artvin. The Kafkasor Culture and Art Festival is organized every summer at the Kafkasor High Plateau.

There are museum-churches in Artvin and the surroundings, which were constructed by the Georgians and are of interest with their architectural attributes. Among these, the Ishan with extremely beautiful stone carved workmanship, the Barhal, that is a basilica with its interesting facade, the Dort, which consists of four different structures and the Rabat, which has secret passages, are the most important of the museum-churches. These churches were generally constructed in the ninth or tenth centuries.

The Coruh River, the most important river in the province, is ideal for rafting because it is the fastest running river in Turkey.